Week 3 Lean Techniques Applied to Business in Today Workforce

Assignment Content

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    Purpose of Assignment

    The purpose of this assignment is for students to evaluate the lean techniques applied to business in today’s workforce.
    Note: Students seeking more information on this assignment can refer to Ch. 14 of the
    Operations and Supply Chain Management textbook.

    Assignment Steps

    Select a business you are familiar with which incorporates lean manufacturing or lean supply chains.

    Evaluate how this firm uses lean strategies and how much lean techniques has improved the firm’s efficiency.

    Evaluate ways the firm can go even further to make improvements using lean techniques.

    Consider Goldratt’s theory of constraints and its use in overcoming bottlenecks

    Determine if there are improvements that can be made in scheduling and/or controlling techniques

    Use the results you obtained from evaluating this firm to apply to your own business or a business you are interested in which currently does not use lean.

    Develop a 1,050-word report in which you describe your lean evaluation project.

    Format your assignment according to APA guidelines.

    Submit your assignment.