Week 3 DQ please respond to student Jessica Soares

explain “open system” and provide examples from your experience.

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According to (Dana Griffin, n.d): “Open systems have open, or porous,
boundaries that allow feedback exchanges from inside and outside the
business. The controllers of open systems pay attention to their
external environment, internal environment and customer needs and
reactions.” Companies are mainly open systems because the overall
feedback help the organization to achieve its goals, and be more
successful in training and developing not only their employees, but its
overall internal system. 

I have worked for a company that uses open system in order to develop
better training, and to develop its employees in order to achieve the
organizations goals. For example, the company that I worked for;
provided surveys for employees to complete at least every three months.
The survey was mainly about how satisfy we were with current management,
what could they improve, it asked regarding training, professional
development, and so on. But, it also provided surveys to customers, each
time I or any other employee sat down with a customer- that customer
would most likely receive a survey which assisted managers to find out
what our weaknesses and strengths were, and how the organization could
help us become better in order to achieve our goals.


Griffin, D. (n.d.). Open System Organizational Structure. Retrieved
March 31, 2016, from