Week 3 Discussion Our Brains Can Play Tricks on Us, psychology homework help

Our Brains Can Play Tricks on Us

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Like magic and illusions, sometimes our brain can really trick us and affect our perception. Our brain is very powerful and if we have a perception of reality, we may limit our critical thinking skills to confirm what our brain believes. How we create our unconscious assumptions affects how we view the world. Once our brain learns something, it is difficult to see things in a different way. Therefore, we make assumptions without using our critical thinking skills to the fullest.

This discussion asks you to consider how you would perceive the world if your senses were more acute or sensitive than they actually are. Please answering the following questions:

  • List a few things you would see, that you cannot see now, if your sense of vision were “better.”
  • List a few things you would hear, that you cannot hear now, if you could hear “better.”
  • If your other senses—taste and smell—were more sensitive, how might you be affected?
  • Why are our senses no more or no less acute or sensitive than they are?
  • If human beings continue to be urban creatures for the next few million years, in what ways might our sensory systems evolve or change?

Watch the required sentence requirements carefully. 10 quality sentences are required.