week 3 disc 34

Please do a paragraph about this post with this instruction .

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post most have 4 or more sentences .

you also have to have a high quality post from a content perspective. This means it also needs to do more than agree with or praise a class mate. If you agree with a classmate, explain why, give an example, share what you learned in the readings

Current research in the nursing industry concludes that there is a strong relationship between patient safety outcomes and the level of education that nurses have. It appears that the vast majority of nurses practicing in the field have either an ADN degree or a BSN degree, which makes up approximately 70% of the nursing field. The education level has a great impact on nursing ability. In survey the hospitals with educated staff having a low rate of rescue failure, cardiac death and lower in patient 30 days morality. From many researches and patients views it has mixed results with some medication errors. According to some patients they felt no differences and enjoy same services from both.

According to me the particle work experience is more necessity than education because just learning cannot generate the clinical expertise. Nursing is based more on clinical expertise than on theoretical study. Theoretical degree enables nurses to ask and clarify the question from patient and has contribution in the development of expertise and clinical setting but patient can be deal and rescue with the clinical expertise. In last year I face an injury on foot. I admitted to hospital for 60 days. As per my experience I think knowledge and experience both are interdependent. So best services are possible when a nurse will be qualified and have clinical experience as well.