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In any healthcare facility, there needs to be the demonstration of cooperation and effective stewardship. The latter is mandated by the fact that patient-centered care has become pervasive in the contemporary healthcare. According to Bhutani, Bhutani, and Kumar (2013), the collaboration between patients and caregivers can be achieved by empowering the patients and offering them emotional support. In healthcare, effective leadership means that the leader shares in the opinions of the team members and must have the will to share responsibilities with them. In fact, Weiss, Tilin, and Morgan (2013) advise that the full capability a healthcare team is achieved if every member exhibits the stance of a leader. Any disparities occurring in the healthcare facility also need to be eliminated. Chin et al. (2012) established that erasing any racial and cultural difference is the duty of any effective leader.

Furthermore, effective stewardship dictates that the leaders must commit themselves to ensuring that the organizations realize their goals. As Mitchell, et al. (2012) establish, leaders must act as facilitators of smooth communication among the team members and also provide the professional support required to hone the standards that enhance collaboration. For the team to establish effective communication, the leaders and the team members must uphold discipline, honesty, and creativity. Mitchell et al. (2012) further advise that stewards can become effective communicators by first becoming active listeners. The latter means that rather than focusing on telling others about what to do, leaders must first listen and then come up with sound responses in support or rejection of the ideas presented by a team member. A productive and successful healthcare organization is built by applying the ideology of collective leadership (Weiss et al., 2013). Therefore, if leaders share the same values as the team members in the organization by upholding effective communication, the collaboration will be achieved, and the patient will highly benefit.