Week 11 Discussion Response To Darrel Hicks For Skill Development

Respond by Day 5 to two colleagues with alternative recommendations for any aspect of their Executive Summaries. Ask Darrel a question.


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I have enjoyed this class. It has been a pleasure. I wish you all good luck in the future.

Developing Leaders

Contact Information: Darrel E. Hicks

Advisory Board for Criminal Justice Training

1111 Milwaukee Wisconsin


Executive Summary

The advisory board for Criminal Justice has identified several key methods to develop leaders at all levels within the county. To break down barriers between existing agencies several recommendations have been suggested.

Recommendations for Training Topics

It is crucial and critical that all members across all agencies be properly trained to address a variety of situations that can occur on and off duty. Several tactics and methods can and should be utilized to provide effective services during times of crisis. Training topics that all members must be trained on include the following:

1). The use of force – Classes about the use of force should be given on a bi-monthly basis. This will ensure that all parties are up to date with acceptable and unacceptable uses of force.

2). Utilization of body cameras – Courses that train officers when and how to use body cameras will benefit all agencies, the community, and the criminal justice system. Courses of this nature should result in a decrease in crimes that involve the officer vs. the suspect words.

3). Off duty situations – Training courses that explain with detail acceptable behavior for department employees to exhibit while off duty in a variety of situations. These courses are to be given on a bi-monthly basis.

4). Ethics courses – Monthly ethic courses will help ensure that all members are actively thinking ethically. Training of this type will help reduce crimes that involve ethical misconduct.

Recommendations for Skill Development

Skill development is a must. Since complex situations usually present themselves while on and off the clock it is imperative that all agents in all agencies have the necessary skills to address situations as they occur. To develop skills of all types a variety of weekend courses should be offered and made a requirement for all personnel. Skill development courses will include the following:

1). Reading and writing courses – These courses will help ensure that all agents can communicate verbally and non-verbally. These courses will help ensure that all agents employ effective communication skills.

2). Firearm training – Firearm courses will help ensure that agents can properly address situations that will or may require the use of firearms.

3). Crisis training –Crisis training will put members in mock situations and allow them to utilize and develop the necessary skills to properly address a variety of situations that have or may occur.

Recommendations to improve interagency understanding and cooperation

Working together is the key to success within the county. To effectively and efficiently address issues and to improve interagency understanding and cooperation monthly mandatory meeting including all departments will be beneficial. During meetings agency heads can present information, answer and ask questions, and network with other departments. Monthly newsletters should also be provided by and for each agency to ensure that an open line of communication exists.

Evaluation Methods

To properly evaluate the effectiveness of the above change’s surveys will be gathered and disbursed every month. Extensive data related to crime and criminal data, off duty incidents, on-duty incident, personnel issues, and more will be evaluated. During meetings, members of each respected agency will have the opportunity to voice their opinions. Yearly reports will be required to ensure that sufficient data exists for the proper evaluation of recommendations and changes.


Working together and developing leaders is a must. A county that works together is a county that can address a variety of challenges that have or may occur. Implementation of the above recommendations will help develop and foster leadership throughout all agencies. The above tactics and methods will help ease the tension that exists between the community, the agencies, and the criminal justice system. The Advisory Board for Criminal Justice Training strongly feels that this great community has the potential to be even greater. The board strongly urges all departments to set differences aside so that crime and criminal activity can be addressed effectively and efficiently.


Darrel Elese Hicks