watch movie and write 2 pages

please follow the steps

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*two pages of text, double-spaced, times new roman 12-point font. You need to follow APA format

watch the movie and see the questions below. this is the link

As you’ll see, the film, Seeds of Death, highlights a number of unethical practices in which Monsanto engages. Focus on ONE of these and after you watch the film, refer to the material on Ethics in Chapter 2. i have attached them

(a) Indicate which of the three broad factors that cause unethical behavior (see slide #5 in the ppt deck) you feel contributes to the unethical practice you’ve chosen. Explain why the practice falls in this category.

(b) Given which factor you deem responsible for the unethical practice, provide one or two recommendations as to how the company might become more ethical in regards to that unethical practice. Note that your answer here needs to be consistent with the factor you discuss (if you say it is caused by a societal factor, you should provide a societal-level solution).