W2 2nd response: Legal Elements to Fraud to Helen White, law homework help

Using 100 words or more, please respond to the following post:

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“Fraud and financial crimes are theft and larceny and this happen when a person takes money or property to use for their person gain.” “Most common sought and analyzed in financial records in white collar crime cases start at banks.”

Financial crimes may involve fraud, like check fraud, credit card fraud, and any kinds of fraud where people take other people money and use it for their own personal gain. Financial crimes can be someone that take your credit card or debt card and get money from your account to buy thing for their self. A person can get your information by a lost or stolen credit card, going through your mailbox, going through your trash, sending unsolicited email, looking at personnel records, and solicitations.

One of the biggest problems with both credit and debit cards are that they can literally fall into the wrong hands. Whether by loss or theft. You have to be careful with family, friends, coworker, and even neighbors because they can steal your information. You have to keep prying eyes off your financial accounts.