Violent Video Games Promotes Violent behaviors among Children

must create a clear and specific thesis, with three clear points (claims) and then effectively argue that thesis using specific evidence. Using MLA format, you will need an introduction, conclusion, heading, page numbers, title, etc. Double space the entire essay and use 1 inch margins. Be sure to use specific examples and evidence to prove your point.You will need to use at least one (1) outside source. You will need to utilize direct quotations and/or paraphrasing. You must include a source of evidence for each point, one which backs up each claim that you make (for a total of three quotations and/or paraphrases). That source must be a web-based source. You will need to use in-text citations for your source(s), and you will need a proper Works Cited.DO NOT use you or I/me. DO NOT use contractions. DO NOT plagiarize!!!!!!!!!

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