View this TED Talk by David Dow, a Death Row Attorney in Texas, homework help


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A Total of ONLY 1 youtube video and its following 2 questions. Very easy, straightforward, and simple.

**Must be at least 3-4 sentences. Must use sociological concepts and terms.**

View this TED Talk by David Dow, a Death Row Attorney in Texas. For this discussion forum, let’s consider the topics of this week — Race & Ethnicity and Crime & Criminal Justice. (BOTH TOPICS ARE ATTACHED)

Video: David Dow — Lessons from Death Row ( )

Questions: Is David Dow suggesting there might be a connection between these topics? Or, as sociologists, should we look more closely at Socioeconomic Status (SES)?

David Dow provides wonderful insight using his expertise and experience as a death row attorney. What are your thoughts concerning his solution proposals? Can you think of additional types of solutions?

**Please no plagiarism**

In addition to these questions, I would like you to simply respond to 3 other students’ responses agreeing with them on something they wrote with consideration of other student’s point of view. This is simply agreeing with a total of 3 other students responses with 3 sentences.