View and respond to the following videos by Marcus Buckingham

To Do – 1 page in APA format

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View the following videos by Marcus Buckingham

Trombone Player Wanted Chapter one
Link (Links to an external site.)

Trombone Player Wanted Chapter two (Links to an external site.)

The Case For Strengths (Links to an external site.)

Recognizing Strengths (Links to an external site.)

Do you believe that Marcus is correct about the three myths he identifies? Why or why not? Does Southwest focus on methods and strategies that play to their strengths? How can you steer yourself to enjoy your work more by playing to your strengths? Do you believe that avoiding diversification is a sound strategy? Why or why not? Don’t confuse diversify with diversity. They are two different concepts. Diversification or diversify means that a business is branching out into different products or services. They are expanding their product line. Diversity refers to hiring different types of people. A company that believes in diversity hires people of different races, creeds, national origin, ages and gender etc. Does hiring for attitude and personality make sense to you? What is the trade-off for those doing skilled work such as pilots, mechanics, accountants, lawyers etc.? Have you discovered some of your strengths? If so, how did you discover them? What strengths do you suspect you may have but have not yet developed much? How can you steer your work more towards your strengths?