video case analysis

1.Watch the 15-minute video, available at the links below. Note that the video is in two parts. You must watch both parts:

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Part 1:

Part 2:

2. After watching the video, answer the following three questions:

a. Identify three specific terms from the chapters/notes that Mr. Gazitua mentioned in the video. In your own words, briefly explain what each term means. (30 pts)

b. Review the notes on trading blocs in Refresher Notes 3 and free trade zones in Chapter 8. If the U.S. were to withdraw from the CAFTA-DR agreement, what impact do you think such a decision would have on WTDC’s ability to attract and retain customers from Central America? Be sure to support your answer with terms and concepts from the Notes/Chapter. (35 pts)

c. With regards to attracting and retaining customers, in your opinion, what should Mr. Gatizua do to reduce any negative impact of a U.S. withdrawal from CAFTA-DR? Be sure to support your answer with terms and concepts from the Notes/Chapters. (35 pts)