Use easy software to make a infographics, computer science homework help

Create a free account with Canva ( (Links to an external site.)

I have already create my account, After you enter the website, PLEASE TYPE IT :

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password: jianmeizhile!14

You’re going to make an infographic using Canva’s easy software. You’re going to find some existing data or research that you’ll use to build the infographic.

Must Have’s:

  • 2 facts (in sentence or phrase form)
  • 2 charts
  • 2 illustrations/icons/photos
  • Source information (name of source, date, url)

You can have more items than this (just the minimum), but please don’t go to a 2nd page for the infographic.

Choose the Download option at the top of the Canva screen and select PDF (Standard). Upload this PDF to the dropbox.

There some information in these web about Infographic………