US Housing Market Pre-Crash, business and finance homework help

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–Business Quantitative Analysis–

My portion of a group paper assignment.

**Must include Excel charts, graphs, as well as APA formatted style writing (800-words). Include in-text citation and references.**

Need to incorporate Regression charts/graphs. See attachment for examples of charts/graphs needed.

US Housing Market Pre-Crash (Stick with period from 2002-2007) – The goal is to give an idea of where the US Housing Market was prior to the Recession.

a. A brief intro on where the US housing market was prior to the Recession

b. Gross Domestic Product (GDP) Stats

c. Median Home Value Stats (use pp. 239-244 in attachment)

d. Probability charts/graphs of Foreclosure stats

e. Regression Analysis – Forecast where home values should have been for 2008-2012 (use pp. 238-244 in attachment).

The GDP and Home Value stats should be in various forms of Excel charts so one can show that the student understands how to utilize them; must include the above noted quantitative analysis technique in some fashion. This is a business analysis paper, not a history report.