Upgrading Hardware, homework help

Complete this exercise before the end of the module’s week.

You are the network administrator for TreyResearch.net. Your current server hardware specification is no longer available, and the company has chosen a new vendor and has upgraded hardware from that new vendor. The current custom WDS images that support the older hardware contain all the required software, but fail to boot with the new hardware.

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In discussions with management about future directions, it is revealed that in the near- to mid-term, the new servers will be rolled out to support all the Finance, Accounting, and Human Resources users who use thin clients to connect to Remote
Desktop Session Host servers that will be replaced. At the same time, a new version of a key line of business applications used by these departments is to be rolled out with the new hardware.

1. You have to come up with an immediate solution for the new hardware to support the new users coming on board this week. What’s the best way to support the new hardware?

2. What should you do to support the move to new software and hardware for the Finance, Accounting, and Human Resources departments?