unit 8 case study

Respond to the questions in both Case Studies below. Your paper should be at least two pages in length and follow APA guidelines, to include a title and reference page. The title and reference page do not count towards the minimum page length requirement. Properly cite the textbook and all other scholarly references utilized to support your position. Scenario 1: Jason, an undercover agent (UC), was posing online as a 13-year-old girl and was contacted by a 30-year-old male offender when they were in a chat room together. The UC and the offender communicated via chats, instant messaging (IM), and e-mail for about a month and a half. They always talked during the day when the offender was at work because he said that his wife was too domineering at home to let him use the computer without being disturbed. The offender was not deceptive to the UC while they were online together and was trying to begin a romantic/sexual relationship with the UC. While the offender did not send any pictures to the UC, there was a naked photo of the offender in his online profile. There was a phone conversation and a local public area was set as their meeting place. The offender was arrested there. Question 1: Was this entrapment by law enforcement? Explain your position. Scenario 2: William had been convicted of several drug offenses in the past, but had apparently given up the use of drugs. He was approached by a police informer (a former acquaintance) and repeatedly asked over several months to supply narcotics. William indicated that he had no interest in doing so. At one point, they went for a walk in the woods where the informer produced a handgun and was going to show the accused his marksmanship. At this meeting, the informer raised the issue of drugs and made certain comments that the accused perceived as threats. William was later asked to telephone the informer but did not do so. He finally met with the informer because he was terrified of him. At the meeting, William was told about a drug syndicate and was shown a large amount of money by an undercover police officer. William was asked to obtain a sample of cocaine. He obtained it from a supplier he had known previously. Later, William delivered 12 ounces of cocaine to the informer (after further threats). He was charged with possession of narcotics for the purpose of trafficking. Question 2: Was this entrapment? Explain your position.

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