unit 6 7

100 words

1.   What can you do to specifically convey your respect of a family’s personal choices and values? How will you communicate effectively with these families and work as a team, despite your cultural and linguistic differences?

2.    You have been reading about music and movement and related theories. Here is your chance to take charge!  

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100 words

Pretend you are the director of an Early Childhood Center. Describe a movement activity that you want your employees to do with a specific age group of students.

·       This activity must be open-ended which means that it is focused on process not product. If the students are told exactly what to do and when to do it, the activity is not open-ended. 

·       The activity you describe must promote creative responses while helping students increase their motor proficiency.

When you describe the activity, be sure to identify the age group. Make sure you explain clearly to your employees how to do this activity so that they can teach it to their students. Express to your students why you want them to teach it.

Make sure that your responses to you classmates include changes, additions, or suggestions of what they might add to their chosen activities.

The one needs to be between 200-250 words

1.        Describe a good mov-ement activity for a two-year old, a four-year-old, and a seven-year-old child and explain why this activity would be developmentally correct for their age.

2.        Describe how music develops during the infancy and toddler periods. What occurs during the preschool period? How does this change during the primary grades?

3.        What are some other songs that you think could be personalized to sing with young children? How would you do it?