Unit 5 lab assignment

Before you begin this assignment, download this Process Audit template. You will continue with the same topic in this last lab assignment.

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Six Sigma organizations today realize the high cost to fund Six Sigma projects. Projects must have adequate Return on Investment (ROI) or projects may not be funded. Six Sigma projects often involve change, and change is difficult to control. People tend to go back to their old ways. For these reasons, we must control and sustain these process improvement projects.

Control charts like the example below are used to monitor how process improvements change over time. It’s important for Six Sigma teams to use process attribute charts or other attribute controls to easily identify processes out of control or out of compliance especially if they’re new processes. Six Sigma teams must audit process improvements to ensure they are sustained.

Process Attribute Controls Chart

Develop a complete Six Sigma Process Audit using the template provided. Your Process Audit must include the following:

  • Summary of the process “out of control” findings from your observations
  • Statistical process control data, i.e., days or time of the failures from your review of the control charts
  • Employee / Operator competence and awareness
  • Corrective actions to maintain gains and to prevent future “out of control” indications
  • Frequency of ongoing reviews to ensure the process remains in-control