TttT book 2 and counterarguement


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As you read Chapters 1-5, identify three important ideas, one challenging passage, one golden line, and 5 important (or unfamiliar) words.

Important ideas are pieces of information you believe are vital to the author’s message. In the margin, write any thoughts, connections, predictions, or questions.

Challenging passages are instances in the text where you got confused. In the margin, write down what about the passage confused you–was it the language used, the sentence structure, an unfamiliar reference, etc?

A golden line is the MOST important sentence for you in the text. In the margin, write why you think the sentence (or two) you identified is important.

Important words are words you think are important to the author’s message. Identify 5 and jot down a definition in the margin. Alternatively, you can identify unfamiliar words that you have not seen before or maybe you just forgot the definition.

Once you have identified these FOUR pieces, you will take a picture of them in your article and upload them here. Remember, you need pictures of 3 important ideas, 1 challenging passage, 1 golden line, and 5 important or unfamiliar words.

AN EXAMPLE OF A TttT EXAMPLE IS ATTACHED!!! A PDF copy of chapter 1-5 is attached also!!!

Please also write down the page number for each!


Adding a counter argument (Links to an external site.) to your essay is a rhetorical move you can use to strengthen your own argument. Using a counter argument shows your reader that you’ve thought critically about all sides of this topic, and you still believe your argument is the most sound.

You will practice responding to this counterargument: bilingual education isn’t beneficial to students.

To respond to this counterargument, you must first read this NPR article (Links to an external site.) on bilingual education. After reading the article, explain in writing why bilingual education is in fact beneficial to students. To view a sample, click HERE.