Topic: Depression . targeted group= Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder (PMDD) in women middle age

A. The First part of the group plan project (Due October 18, 2018) requires each student group member to develop a research paper focusing on the need of the targeted group, consisting of the following components: 100 Points

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1. a research paper of at least three (3) current articles (after 2010) relating to the

population’s need. Literature must be selected from professional sources

(Professional health journals having author(s) (NO .COM).

2. use class readings, discussions and activities to strengthen your frame of

reference when describing the impact the need has had upon the community.

3. paper must be 3 full pages in length (minimum), not including the cover and

reference page) in APA format (citations in body of paper and reference


B. The Second part of the group plan project (Due November 29, 2018) is the group’s development of a written group organization plan for a targeted population and its specific “need”.The organizational plan component of this project should follow the outline below.Students cannot use populations and associated activities discussed in class.Plan should fully discuss the following: 100 Points

1. Statement of the purpose, setting, and specific target population, including why this population is appropriate for group counseling

2. Target Population – including why this population was selected, needs of this group, age, gender, homogeneous/heterogeneous.All other components must be appropriate based upon the stated purpose, setting and target population.

3. Brief explanation (1 paragraph) of the population’s need. `

4. How members will be selected (self or referral) an needs assessment used.

5. Logistics – time, length of the sessions, place/location of sessions

6. Leader skills – discuss three (3) specific skills the leader should have to facilitate this group. (i.e. Test taking strategi

7. One (1) plan for each of three (3) sessions (Beginning, Middle and Closing) describing the following (be prepared to demonstrate in class):

a. goal for each session,

b. directions to facilitate each session, including ice breakers (ice breakers

should be 5 minutes long plus time for processing).Include references

for any ice breakers that are not original material in your reference page

(APA format),

c. check-in and check-out plans to be utilized during each of the sessions,

d. closing activity for each session (Beginning and Middle),

e. closing activity for total group process (Closing),

f.evaluation tool – facilitator and group/ pre and post.

8.Include an ADDENDUM containing (but not limited to):

a. Written informed consent form for the group.

b. Other forms of documentation pertinent to your population (letters, flyers, needs assessment, etc.

9.Reference Page –cite all non-original research literature, activities/ice breakers.

PART ONE of this project has been done already. I added the instructions and the attachment of the completed part one just in case it will be a big help with part 2