Topic 6 DQ2-2

Please respond to the following post, with your opinion add citations and references if used it.

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Typical developmental markers for a nine month old would include: sitting without support, creeping or crawling, using both hands to explore toys, turns head to track objects, pulls up to stand, uses hands to investigate objects, babbles, recognizes names, recognizes family members, and mimics facial expressions. Gudritz (2016).

This m other needs education on infant diet ary needs as well as evaluation for food assistance programs . “The dietary management of children with moderate acute malnutrition is based on the optimal use of locally available foods to improve nutritional status and prevent the condition from deteriorating to severe acute malnutrition.” WHO ( 2018).

These are the current recommendations of the World Health Organization. The World Health Organization has members across many countries and the WHO staff are commented to achieve better health for everyone no matter where they live. They are a large organization that includes a large advisory board as well as academia and research organizations.


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