Topic 1: Emotions, Moods, Traits, and Values:

Although emotions and moods impact on-the-job performance, employees are often times chosen for their personality traits. Along with a person’s personality type, the organization’s culture is considered. The company recruiter tries to hire decision-makers he/she thinks will fit into the existing company culture. In this Discussion, you will consider all three aspects impacting employee hiring and employee effectiveness.

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Label the three parts of your response as Part A, Part B, and Part C.

Topic 1: Emotions, Moods, Traits, and Values:

  • Part A: Based in the Reading, which emotions and moods have you experienced in your past or current job and how did it impact your performance?
  • How was Affective Events Theory or Trait Activation Theory (see Chapter 5) involved or not? Explain.
  • Part B: Characterize the personality of your past or current boss (do not use any names or organization names) using one of the major personality theories presented in your Reading.
  • Part C: According to your Reading, how do someone’s values relate to their culture and to organizational outcomes?

Just do response each posted down below only.

Posted 1

Good Afternoon,

Hey everyone I hope everyone is having a great week so far and is learning a lot of information!

Part A: In my current job as a stay at home mom I experience a lot of moods, and emotions. The moods that I have for the day all depends on how much sleep I get at night, but that can change if I get a good nap in. My mood is what helps me be motivated to clean for the day or to just play with the kids. Although I tend to get do things differently if my emotions change too. According to organizational behavior and I quote “emotions are intense discrete, and short-lived feeling experiences that are often caused by a specific event.” So when my youngest son comes up to me for a kiss its the best feeling and I feel like my mood has lifted and I am on top again. I feel like when I get loving attention for both my boys my mood changes and even if I didn’t sleep well I have the energy to get cleaning done and run around for a few hours playing tag. So, if my mood is just kind of blah or feels like your dragging then my performance is just terrible.

Part B: My current boss really would be my kids in a way haha. They are both so wonderful and great kids but even their personalities are so different. One of them is more along the lines of openness to experience, and the other is more along the lines of agreeableness.

Part C: Since I am the one the will be teaching my kids about values and others cultures I do try and take them out to different play dates and meets everyone. Kids are so moldable at this age and teaching them about other cultures just shows them how different everyone is. This will also help them when growing up to meet new people a bit easier if they understand how to interact with others.

Posted 2

Part A: In all my years I have been working I have seen all different types of emotions in the work place. As a manager I have seen customers be so happy and excited about their experience to customers that where so suspect that they wanted to call cooperate to make sure their issues where resolved. With employees who come to work happy, to them coming to work made or upset with home life or even with problems with work.
According to Robbins and Judge (2019), Affective Events Theory suggest that work place environment can affect employees attitudes , behaviors and emotions at work. This theory is involved in my experience because when ever the work environment was stressed for maybe a big visit everyone will be stress out and some days I would not even want to go to work.
Part B: With using the Big Five Traits of personality my last boss had openness and agreeableness. She was always open to new ideas and better ways to run the business. She was also very agreeable, she was very likes by everyone and was very laid back but was still able to run a business very effectively.
Part C: We get our values from them people who raise us and who we surround our selves around. It relates to the culture we practice as well how we see others cultural. We can learn so much from our coworker and about their cultural and values. In every organization they have people from all backgrounds and it helps us open up to new people and become well rounded employees.
Robbins, S. P., & Judge, T. A. (2019). Organizational Behavior. New York: Pearson

Posted 3

Part A:

Some of the emotions that I have experienced in my current role would be frustration, accomplished, boredom, and happiness. Starting Monday I will be moving into a Supervisor role which will help a lot. I have been a Sr. Technician for the last year after a layoff from a place where I was the Production Manager and had the ability to get things done. My biggest struggle as a technician at the new company was not being taken seriously and incompetent leadership. I also have several “friends” at work that are great to talk to and make the days more enjoyable.

According to the text, “A model suggesting that workplace events cause emotional reactions on the part of employees, which then influence workplace attitudes and behaviors” (Robbins & Judge, 2019). I would say that it has impacted me, I still got a lot done but when I saw management didn’t care, I stopped caring as much. The aftermarket repair station I worked in is going to suffer greatly when I move out to production, it annoys me that they don’t know that, and sadly makes me feel good that it’s going to hit them when it’s too late, they need to open their eyes.

Part B:

I would say my previous V.P. was a narcissist, not sure why that isn’t an option in the text but I guess it most closely translates to emotional stability. The reason I say that is the jerk had so much power being the owner’s little brother he never worried about anything or got stressed out, he knew he could manipulate the President into believing whatever he wanted, and would just pin it on someone else. I really hated that guy, I don’t feel hate as an emotion at my new company but I hate my previous boss, he is a really unethical and terrible person.

Part C:

Peoples values and how it relates to culture and the organizational outcome are critical. The previous company where I worked for the one jerk was predominantly Asian, as were the owners. Every year they would celebrate Lunar New Year and have give aways a company lunch, and all sorts of things. It was cool to learn about the culture, and find out things like I am the “year of the rat”, and how to say “happy new year” in a couple of different languages. I would say it is very important in an organization’s success to be mindful of peoples values.


Robbins, S.P. & Judge, T.A. (2019). Organizational behavior (18th ed.) NY: Perason.