To Tell the Truth

Read what is below, write about it in no more than 500 words, one-page, single space please. I will give you two responses of classmates to give me no more than 200 words in each response. It is just a discussion, but I need the best with the citations if you pick anything from anywhere and that will give the discussion more power to be great! Give me the work first to give you the two responses of the classmates please. When you respond to your peers, respond as if you’re speaking directly to them.

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Q: *Suppose a lie detector machine has been invented that is 100% accurate and completely unbeatable, small enough to be worn on your wrist, its usage is mandatory 24/7/365, and all people of planet earth wear one at all times. <<<<Read that again.
How would this affect employment?
You are welcome to include any of the following (and beyond) employers, employees, vendors, co-workers, laws, job interviews, policies, lawsuits, responses, terminations, drug testing, customers, etc. Although it’s best if you don’t bash organizations by name, you are welcome to share anonymous situations. Also, although you could hammer out a quick post, the best will be those that are well thought out and written after a day or two of observation. For example, if you are currently employed, pay attention the next few days at work on how much time is wasted on inefficiencies caused by dishonesty.

Please do not waste time writing about how the lie detector could be beaten or how it would affect pleasantries such as “How are you today?” Rather, pursue this with substance. Moreover, how would it affect employment?