Tire Recycling Program Paper

For this assignment, you will plot out the writing process you would use to draft a document, incorporating details, as outlined below. This will help you identify the different parts of the writing process.


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Imagine that you are working in a local government office. Your boss has asked you to write a report about how to expand the city’s recycling program. She has gotten letters from residents saying that the city should be recycling more than newspapers and plastic bottles. She wants to know what other kinds of products could be recycled and how much money that would cost the city.


  1. In a Word document, create a flowchart that summarizes the writing process and outlines how you would use that process to complete the report. Under each stage of the writing process, add details about what you would do during those portions of the project. You may want to include what sources you might use to research the topic and how you might organize your document. As you do so, considerthe following:
    • What organization techniques might you use?
    • How might you use formatting for emphasis?
    • What possible headings might you use?
    • What kinds of revisions might you make to your document?
    • What would you look for during the revision stage?