Time limit! Have knowledge about DDM Module, Equity Valuation Module for Finance, need to do analysis for the 10K case

hey here is the 10K case. as I write on titile, you must have knwledge about DDM Module, Valuation Model, and Equity Valuation Module. Please read those three PPTs and use each module to analysis our company ” Tiffany & Co “, the most important thing is please wrtie the reason why you choice each module and result. Please don’t write any definitions, just get points, and please use three world document to do each of modules. And

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Dividend Discount Module (DDM) is on PPT 12

Equity Valuation Module (include DCF) is on PPT 13

Valuation Module is on PPT 15

PS: We already did one of module which is < Residual Operating Income Model >, so please read world document which I upload below to get some idea if you are not sure how to start, but don’t use it as a example. PPT 14