This is a final exam paper

Com 105 Communication Analysis Using Film or TV

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In this assignment you will demonstrate your understanding of the communication theories and concepts taught in this course. To do this, you will use a media platform and film or television show of your choice to analyze communication between characters. Please note. If you pick a movie for this assignments, you are analyzing communication for the entire movie, if you pick a television show, you are analyzing communication for just an episode, since an entire series is meant to have an arc and would be too time consuming within the constraints of this course.

For the communication analysis paper you are required to analyze and movie or television show of your choice. You are not analyzing the film or television show itself. It is not necessary for you to express how much you like Mike and Molly and/or that Molly is a great character.That is a different subject for a different class. Remember, your focus will be on the observable communication between characters, you will describe the communication between Mike and Molly in a particular episode using the theories and concepts from this class.

It is required that you have and incorporate 3 scholarly sources.This means scholarly or peer-reviewed journal articles that are written by scholars or professionals who are experts in their fields. In the sciences and social sciences, they often publish research results. Substantive news articles are reliable sources of information on events and issues of public concern. Our library has a plethora or databases to make researching this topic achievable.

You are to select ONE theory or concept to complete this task. Pick your film/Television show carefully and theory carefully. Lastly, it is a requirement to support your analysis with direct quotation from characters in the film/television show.


  • 4-6 pages
  • 12 point Times New Roman
  • 1 inch margin
  • Double spaced
  • APA formatting
  • 3 sources (Not including the book or the movie. One must be a scholarly journal)
  • In text citations
  • Works cited page


This must be your own work as it will be submitted through the TurnItin. It will generate a compatibility report.Anything over 30% compatible will receive a failing grade.


  • Please ask questions if you are unclear on any aspect of this project. Follow the rubric in order to ensure success.
  • Keep your writing academic. No text speak, Personal pronouns or slang
  • Scholars must support their points with sound reasoning from the textbooks as well as three additional resources. You must use at least one scholarly journal article and paper must be cited in proper APA formatting.
  • If you need addition any help. Please let me know ASAP.
  • Make sure to include traditional essay components such as an introduction paragraph and a conclusion paragraph.
  • Follow directions.

Rubric for Film Analysis Paper

200 points

Organization and Development—50 points

Does the paper have a clear introduction that includes the thesis and a preview of the main ideas to be discussed?

(15 points)

Does the paper have a conclusion that summarizes the main ideas and provides appropriate closure?

(15 points)

Is the thesis adequately developed through elaboration and supporting material in the paper’s body?

(10 points)

Do the paragraphs have clear topic sentences that are adequately developed

(10 points)

Points Earned


100 points

Does the paper focus on the assigned topic?

(an analysis of a film/television show and not a critique of media in questions)

(20 points)

Does the paper adequately describe the film or television show used for the analysis?

(10 pts total)

Are the communication theories and concepts thoughtfully explained, defined, and applied, thereby demonstrating an understanding of them?

(50 points)

Does the student use directly quote or paraphrase the film, the textbook, and another academic communication source to support his or her analysis?

(20 points)

Points Earned

Mechanics and Style—

50 points

Is the paper mechanically sound? (Spelling, punctuation, etc.)?

(10 points)

Does the paper abide by the assigned standards for font size, margins, etc.?

(5 points)

Does the author appropriately cite at least three sources (the textbook, the film/tv show, and other academic sources) within the paper?

(15 points)

Is the bibliography written in APA format? Does it include at least three sources (the textbook, the film, and other academic sources)? Are all the sources in the bibliography also cited within the paper?

(20 points)

Points Earned

Total pts earned