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Topic 1: One Notable Revolution

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In this Discussion you will learn more about the American Revolution and the factors that led to America breaking free of England to become an independent nation. Examining this moment in history can help you to see the changes involved in a cultural revolution and the circumstances that set up an environment for change. The concept of a country where individuals ruled themselves was a world-changing idea.

Follow this link to learn about the key events in the American Revolution. Read the links with the cities and dates, and read the “Timeline of the Revolution” as well:

Follow this link to start an investigation of the ideas that were key in the America Revolution:…

It is recommended that you use more than one resource in the Discussion, but at least one resource is required in this Discussion. Be sure you are seeking credible sources and citing them in APA style.

Though there are many different factors leading to the American Revolution, make the case that one idea and one event were crucial for the American Revolution. You will introduce the idea and the event that you feel were key, and then defend your claim that without this event, America would never have become an independent country. This is a matter of opinion and practice at writing persuasively. There will be several different ways to view these ideas and events, so in replies to your peers, you should look to see how they make their case and discuss the challenge of identifying the causes behind a revolution.