the wide range of types of video games and the many types of devices that people use to play games,

MI 201 Assignment 2

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This assignment is intended to get you thinking about the wide range of video or electronic games — both the wide range of types of games (e.g., platform games, shooter games, role – playing games, etc.) and the many types of devices that people use to play games (e.g., consoles, PCs, smartphones, etc.).

For this assignment you are to survey at least 20 people on their use of electronic or video games. Then present your findings in a report. Your report should describe your findings in narrative form (i.e., paragraphs of text) and use charts or graphs to illustrate your data.

Your data should reflect such such information as types of games, devices used, gender, and time spent.

Please note: these categories represent the minimum requirement. To earn full credit, you should be creative in going beyond these basic categories. Your analysis should seek to draw conclusions as to, for example, whether certain types of games are preferred by players of different genders, whether heavy users prefer certain types of games or particular devices, and so forth. Again, be creative in going beyond a basic analysis.

Please NOTE that tables of data are NOT considered charts or graphs.

You should select your charts and/ or graphs to most effectively convey the relationships you are intending to illustrate. For example, a simple bar chart would be an effective way to illustrate the numbers of male and female respondents in your survey. If you are not familiar with the use of charts or graphs to illustrate data, you should review a website such as easyBI ( or smartdraw (

terms of word count, your report should use enough words to explain your survey method, the questions you asked, as well as your findings and analysis. Text must be Times New Roman, double spaced, and 12 – point font. One -inch margins are required.