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Math History Research Paper – Due 7/27/17

This project requires you to write a scholarly report on a topic involving mathematics. Choose a specific topic that interests you and research the history of how math plays a role and is used with respect to that topic.

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For example, if you like to play poker, you might write about the probability involved in gambling. If you are studying crime scene investigations, you might write about the math behind ballistics, blood splatter patterns, and DNA testing. If you like the show “Ancient Aliens”, you might write about the logical fallacies of Giorgio Tsoukalos – this guy. I’m NOT looking for “The history of Algebra”…BORING.

Be specific and make sure to include explanations in your own words. Do your best to understand what you’re writing about. Don’t just quote a bunch of math jargon that doesn’t make any sense to you. You might include important mathematician names, dates, theories, formulas, discoveries, diagrams, cultural implications, and anecdotes. Make it as interesting and accurate as you can!

The report should be three-five pages typed, no more than double spaced and font no larger than 12 pt. You must cite at least 4 sources, three of which must be published books or professional journal articles. Blogs and news websites do not count as journals. I suggest using a library database or Google Scholar and typing the word “journal” to aid your search. MLA or APA reference styles are acceptable. Remember, this is a research paper, not an opinion paper. Refrain from using the first person perspective in the body of your paper (unless you can provide professional experience). For example, don’t use sentences like “I want to tell you about” or “The reason I chose this topic” or other “I” statements.

My teacher actually wants to learn something new, I don’t have time to do this project because I have 3 other classes and only 2 more weeks left, shes really anal about grading, so I need someone who will actually take their time be thorough and know what their talking about.