The Parthenon Sculptures

1. Read the three short articles found at the links below (click on links or copy and paste into your web browser).

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The Parthenon Sculptures, The British

“Remarkable true story behind Helen Mirron’s new film, The Woman in Gold,” by Lewis Panther and Warren Manger. Mirror (UK), April, 2015.

“Raiders of the Lost Art: Why didn’t we protect the National Museum and Library in Baghdad?” by Meghan O’Rourke., April, 2003.

2. Then answer these questions in a three-paragraph essay:

  • How do you feel about repatriation? Do you believe that the objects should be returned regardless of circumstances, or do you think that the country and/or institution currently in possession of the objects have rights to retain the objects if they acquired them legally? What if they acquired the objects illegally?
  • Should the country in possession of the objects have to prove that they can properly care for, protect, and display the objects?
  • Should war-torn countries be aided in the protection of cultural objects, structures or sites?