the “Frankenstein” concept

Term Paper 4 pages: Term Paper: The overall idea is to do some research into the “Frankenstein” concept—the power-mad scientist who would like to create life as if he were on par with a divinity. You may read Mary Shelley’s novel, Frankenstein, you should at least become familiar with literary criticism about the novel and its theme. This could lead you, for example, into other things like: “selling one’s soul to the devil”; or into the “Prometheus myth”; or into the rather unique status of Jesus—the divinity who is also human; or to ponder Francis Bacon’s claim that “Knowledge is power,” the phrase which arguably invented the idea of “technology.”

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Then, using your background research, I would like everyone to focus on Richard Selzer’s creative non-fiction essay, “Imelda,” (which we have read and lightly discussed in class) and compose a thoughtful analysis showing ways in which Selzer’s narrative essay revisits the Frankenstein motif and even develops that motif in interesting ways.

· Paper Requirements

o 4 pages , no personal information

o A minimum of 5 research sources, do not use Wikipedia or something like that.

o Your sources should be end with edu. It should be academic.

o Use MLA style format for work cited and in-text citations

o Must be clear, interesting, and make me smile at your analytic skills!!!