The fours S

Read the following scenario that describes the game of Red Rover (an
activity in the hall of shame!). Reflect on how this game violates the
Four S’s as outlined in Chapter 8: safe, success, satisfying, and skill

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Two teams face each other across half of a basketball court and take
turns calling players over from the opposite side. After Team A decides
who it wants to challenge, the members join hands to form a long chain
and call for Team B to “send Frank over.” Frank then runs as fast as
possible to either break through or dive under the chains formed by Team
A. If Frank fails to break through, he becomes part of Team A. If he
succeeds, he returns to his team together with the two players of Team A
who were at the point he broke through. Team B now calls over a player
from Team A.

You can choose to discuss Red Rover or any of the other games that
violate at least one of the four S’s. Some examples are: dodge ball,
“Messy Back Yard”, relay races, tug of war, “Simon Says”, musical
chairs, tag, etc.

Explain the basics of the game/activity that you chose and how it is
usually played. Give an analysis of how it specifically violates at
least one of the Four S’s. Finally, include a detailed explanation on
how you would modify and adapt this activity so that it meets all of the
Four S’s: safe, success, satisfying and skill appropriate. It might be
that the activity would need to be completely revised and a new activity
would need to take its place in order to not violate the Four S’s. In
that case, explain which activity you would use to replace this one.