the EWC workshop Week 3

Paper 1:

  • Required alphanumeric outline, essay, Work Cited page,reflection page
  • 500-750 words EXCLUDING the alphanumeric outline, Work Cited page, reflection page
  • No cover page needed.Start with COURSE CONTENT MLA:page formatting
  • Indicate word-count of essay at end of essay ( )
  • Submit in ONE attachment in this order:alphanumeric outline,essay,Work Cited page, reflection page. Any paper submitted in sections will not be graded. ONE attachment. Be sure your work is submitted and is readable.
  • There is one work cited:your story. No outside references. Review the correct Work Cited format in the EWC workshop Week 3 and in Course Content:MLA Story Citations
  • MLA page formatting required:see Course Content MLA page formatting
  • Compare your paper with the grading rubric
  • After submitting your paper by the due date/time, additionally submit to Turnitin (Resources)
  • no paper can be accepted without an alphanumeric outline
  • avoid simply retelling the story—the purpose of this paper is to show how theme is demonstrated bt three LITERARY techniques
  • These techniques are up to you to you to choose THREE:
    • plot
    • setting
    • atmosphere/mood
    • characters
    • words (key words, repeated words, etc.)
    • symbols
    • images
    • title of the story
    • dialogue
    • narrator (comments by narrator)

Questions? Submit here.

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Suggested Alphanumeric Outline