The 1975 Lebanese Civil War & Maronites

I need an annotated bibliography on the 1975 Lebanese Civil War & Maronites. There needs to be six sources and one of the sources has to be a book. Each source needs to have two paragraphs. The paragraphs should include:

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-Describe the general content and focus of the book or article.

-Suggest the source’s usefulness to your research.

-Evaluate its method, conclusions, or reliability.

-Record your reactions to the source i.e.: “will help in laying out the history of woman’s movement” or “provides a detailed biography of nationalist movement leader “X” which I will draw on in my paper” or “will help in providing important context information for my topic.”

I have attached a sample annotated bibliography for a different topic. Can you please attach a pdf of the book used. This may be in MLA format. Appreciate all the hard work!