That Friday Everything Changed, writing homework help

For this assignment, you may choose one of the following short stories to

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summarize, which we’ve reviewed in class: “Pretty Like a White Boy: The Adventures of a Blued Eyed Ojibway” or “That Friday Everything Changed.”

Don’t forget to recall why we write summaries, as discussed with the first assignment.

For the first assignment, you were to write a summary using NO quotations; however, for this assignment, you WILL use a quote.

This assignment will focus on one particular aspect of the short story, and, in your own words, summarize a passage. After you have summarized said passage, written in your own words, you will use a quote from the short story to support your summation of the passage.

Please note that this assignment will also be marked on form as well as grammar and sophistication of content.

Word length: 250 – 300 words.

By no means is this an exhaustive list, but here are a few things to review before you submit your next assignment:

  1. Have your formatted your title page using MLA (APA if permission has been given)?
  2. Have you typed in 12 font?
  3. Have you double spaced your entire document?
  4. Have you paginated your text?
  5. Have you given your text a creative title?
  6. Have you used a signal phrase: introduced both the title of the source and it’s author.
  7. Have you summarized the plot within a few sentences and then focused the rest of the summary on a particular passage?
  8. Have you used a quote?
  9. Have you written in a subjective tone—no singular second person narrative voice (you)?
  10. Have you proof-read before submitting?