Technology in Business Communications

Appropriate Technology in the Business World?

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Instant messaging, texting, social media–when does it work in business? Most people entering teh workplace today have grown up with smart phones and technology-driven communication. It’s only natural to see business communication to begin to adopt these technology-driven communication channels. How effective are they in business? Is there an appropriate and inappropriate time to use. Give an example of misuse of technology-driven communication you’ve witnessed in the workplace. How would you manage this? What policies would you try to implement?

and React to a post(Post is below, no need many words, just clear and not me,too stuff) by another student–“me, too” types responses will not be graded.

Instant messaging, texting, and social media can work in business. Where I am currently stationed, I am not allowed to have my phone in the building at all. Because of that, texting and being on our personal phones is not an issue. However, when it comes to work related correspondence outside of the office, we do have a group text. It works because it’s a way to inform the entire office at once about what may be going on the next day. Instant messaging is simply that. An instant message. Instant messaging is somewhat like an email, just faster.

Although they all can be an effective way to communicate, I do still believe there should be rules and regulations in place to govern the usage of them. It’s not professional to be in the office on your personal phone. I’ve witnessed a co worker in the past talking about their personal business in the middle of the office. Not only is it embarrassing, it’s unprofessional.

I would implement a policy that would allow personal phone calls on cell phones only in emergency situations only. I would also ensure everyone is aware that anything done on the computer can and will be tracked by the IT department.