Team Assessment and Intervention

My course is leading teams

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Assignment 4: Option 1- Team Assessment and Intervention: Find a team to engage with. It can be the team you used for your Team Description and Analysis. Have the team complete the GDQ assessment. After gaining agreement from the team leader, provide a team session to share and discuss the team data with the group. You may use a different assessment. You may work alone or in a pair. Develop a poster presentation that describes your work.

Why: Assess the dynamics of a group based on an assessment and practice sharing team data as an intervention.

What: A poster presentation.

My team is 4 people works at Makkah market in Philadelphia. ( Arabic Restaurant ).

  • GDQ Assessments
  • Team Performance Checklist.
  • Individual Teamwork Checklist.
  • Effective Leader Checklist.

PLEASE USE the checklists WITH THose people.

Also, you have to read about the stage in class 1.

For example:

Data collecting

Our observation of teamwork was at Firinji restaurant. There were 6 people working including the leader. We made conversation and asked several questions. Two of the team members were speaking Spanish. We thought it will be hard to communicate with those people to observe their comments and their satisfaction of job as a team, but the leader told us about how they communicate some times by using a translator app. Starting with the leader comment about the team works, she said that she is very passionate. She loves what she is doing in order to be successful. Then she mentions the quote of Joe Perez by saying, ” We lead by example, not because you feel like it’s what you should do, but because it is your way of life.” That is what she is saying to herself everyday as an advice. Also, she told us that she is a good listener and she opens the door for any comments or disagreement. She deals with her team as a second family, and she does a good job of sharing information even with the two people who speaks Spanish. Also, she is very happy to have them because they take care of the job more then any one. However, the team suspensions about working as team works were, they are receiving a useful and constructive feedback from their leader, they are receiving also the training they need to do their jobs well. They mentioned that leader gives a praise or bonus as motivation and recognition when job is done very good. Moreover, the leader is genuinely interested in the team opinions and ideas, and there were comfortable sharing opinions at work without getting in trouble. When we asked the whole team member about how they deal with the conflict, the said, “Since they have started to work together, there were not any conflicts.” Yet, the leader said, “She explained the role since the beginning and everyone try their best to follow the roles, she never let any misunderstanding happen by interfering to end this misunderstanding. Also, she did expel a girl from work because she came late twice. She gave her chance first and discussed with her the roles again, then when it happened again, she fired her”.


In the data collecting part and the texts and theory used, the levels of project team satisfaction for the team in the restaurant and leadership were calculated using interview set. This team deals with conflict by discussing the goals every meeting and come up with the issue that they face. They also describes how working to achieve team goals. With regard to leading team, the major theme of the study, and the team behaviors are matching with the study investigation. The teamwork of Frinji restaurant was analyzed between stage 2 and 3 from the 4 stages of team development. We believe in that each team in the world has a conflict even if the team did not admit it, or hid it from people. The reasons why they are between 2 and 3 stages are, an individual expression of ideas occurs and there is open conflict between members. Members tend to focus on details rather than the issues and compete for influence, which was exactly explained under stage 2 as team conflict. What led them to be in stage 3 is the team relationships grow and individual characteristics are understood and appropriately utilized. The team leader continues to encourage participation and professionalism among the team members. The first thing a group needs to do during surviving stage 2 in order to move completely to reorganizing at stage 3 is to begin to create a unified group culture, the following things are likely to occur; Goal clarity and consensus about goals increase; Roles and tasks are adjusted to increase the likelihood of goal achievement; The leader’s role becomes less directive and more consultative; The communication structure becomes more flexible; The content of communication becomes more task oriented (Wheelan, 2014).

In conclusion, the environment in any organization supports a balance between work and personal life; the leader treats all his/her employees fairly, and the leader policies for promotion and advancement are always fairly. There was a harmony and consistency between the restaurant team members, but there is nothing perfect in the world. It takes time and effort to move through the various team development stages. In the other worlds, there is nothing easy, and success takes a while to be achieved.