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Thank you for sharing your thoughts on how the videos helped you reflect on your own teaching strategies. As you have suggested, it is sometimes necessary to make adjustments and/or additions to your instruction in order to make your teaching more effective and address the individual needs of your students.

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The state adopts the curriculum that they deem the most appropriate for instructional use in public school classrooms. As teachers, we are typically mandated to use the state adopted curriculum and implement it to the best of our ability in our classrooms. However, it is important to remember that the curriculum and instructional guides that we use are not the end all, be all for instruction. In fact, they often have errors throughout them and are used anyway. This is why it is important for teachers at each grade level to be very familiar with the curriculum and teacher manuals that they are using. It is quite typical for teachers to go through the texts and realize that the sequence is off or the way certain concepts are taught is not detailed enough for the students. I know that in my school, we changed around the unit sequence of our math curriculum. It didn’t seem to be in a logical order. We changed the sequence of some of the chapters so that the children would be able to build on their knowledge from the previous chapter. This helps with the scaffolding of information.

Also, when you realize that the manner in which the information is being taught is not geared for all students or does not provide enough information, it is up to you, the teacher to supplement and adapt materials. Supplementing may come in the form of teaching the students several different strategies or ways to understand a concept. It may also come in the form of you providing extra practice, frontloading vocabulary, or preteaching specific skills/concepts. Implementing clustering or mapping type activities, highlighting key words/vocabulary, providing “in-text questions”, etc. are also effective ways to adapt materials and supplement instruction.

When supplementing instruction and adapting materials, we must remember that it is important that teachers maintain the integrity of the content, which means supporting our students with the appropriate vocabulary in a way that is friendly and understandable to them without watering down the curriculum. We want them to build their CALP knowledge. We want our students to be successful.

Give a 250-300 word response with 2-3 references to some ways that you might supplement instruction and/or adapt the materials utilized in your lessons for students?