Take any Native American object and critically examine how it represents one specific aspect of culture in which it is created

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How does one object represent a culture? Take any Native American object and critically examine how it represents one specific aspect of culture in which it is created. Preferably it will be an item you have seen in person at one of the venues listed below, but if necessary, can also be an object you chose from other sources. With all museums/galleries now closed, there is NO requirement to visit in person, but I definitely want to know if you did get a chance to see something in person!. You can discuss how the object is representative of a specific ceremony (like the Jump Dance) or a specific theme (such as shamanism, gender, commodification or colonialism) Make sure that you have a clear thesis presenting your argument, and support your thesis with specific facts and analysis drawn from your own insight as well as the following:

Sketch: include a quick sketch of the object; this will help you in giving a thorough description of your subject.

Three required sources: You must use at least 3 academic sources for your paper, all of which should be from scholars in your field of study. Wikipedia, encyclopedic, or anonymous sources/blogs are not acceptable as academic sources!!

***and once you have a source, be sure to post in on the Online Research Forum!!

Style: Chicago, MLA or APA is fine.

The paper can be submitted online. If you can attach pictures, great; if not, that’s okay–I will just be happy you got this in!

You will be graded on: (use this as a checklist before turning in your paper)

Drawing: sketch with basic details of object 2 points

Thesis: clear statement that connects your object to the concepts you will discuss 3 points

Description of object: should be thorough in terms of visual description, materials used, date and

artist (f applicable), where object was viewed 2 points

Description of culture: give a brief description of the culture (geographic area, type of society,

cultural themes) as it relates to your object. 3 points

Support: your thesis is supported by at least 3 ideas that follow in a logical manner 6 point

Introduction & Conclusion: you clearly introduce and summarize your topic 4 points

Organization: your argument is presented in a logical manner 2 points

Grammar: text is free of spelling, grammatical and punctuation errors 2 points

Sources: you have used at least three reliable academic sources 3 points

Bibliography & footnote pages: are in standard Chicago format 2 points