Table 2.2 principle of marketing discussion

Using the data in Table 2.2 in your textbook, select two countries that are substantively dissimilar (the more different the better). Then select one of the following products: (1) a new and more environmentally-friendly method for heating and cooling houses, (2) a new method of birth control for men, (3) Barbie and Ken dolls and accessories, (4) a low-priced, easy to use, sewing machine that doesn’t require electricity.

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Use Table 2.2 for the economic environment, and Google to find additional information about other environmental factors (e.g., technological, political/legal and sociocultural environments) for each of your selected countries. Why would each country be a good opportunity for your selected product? Why would each country be a poor opportunity for your selected product? Which one would be the best opportunity and why?

For the country you think is the best opportunity, what marketing strategies would you suggest for your selected product?

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Table 2.2 below…