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I need 100 or more word response to the two following statements.

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Statement 1:

The founding Fathers came with an plan to make sure the citizens was going to be governed but they will still will have some power and say in the way they will be governed. So they decided to create 3 branches within the government which is the legislative branch also known as the Congress to make the laws, Next is the Executive branch to enforce the laws like the President, Last would be the Judicial branch to interpret the laws Like the Supreme Court. This is called separation of power and yes I think it was very necessary to a healthy republic to branch off into separate groups so men can be govern in a more civil and balanced way. The wisdom of Montesquieu is what led to these ideas and a gridlock system was the whole point of the new way and freedom for the people under the rules and control of man. Montesquieu Knew one man should not hold so much power. Since the Founding Fathers knew too much power and the fate of the people under one ruler like Kings before; they knew something had to be done to prevent tyranny and dictatorship. So like minds came together and negotiated and created the Bill of Rights and The Constitution and other Articles and It was powerful.

Statement 2:

Our three branches of government set forth by our founding fathers are the legislative, executive, and judiciary branch. After being ruled by a monarchy for so long, our framers wanted no more to be ruled by a single authority. Instead, they recognized that our new country needed a strong central government with three power holders to keep each other in check. Our legislative branch or Congress is a bicameral unit made up of two floors, the Senate and the house. Each is required to pass bills that are the same, this was intended to ensure all people were represented in lawmaking and no single interest group could steal the show. I wonder how they would feel about our strong partisan fights that occur consistently with nothing ever getting done. To me, it doesn’t seem like they would have imagined we could have one party controlling each of the two parts of Congress. Our framers believed that the need for a top official was still necessary, however with the checks and balances written into the constitution, this official could be kept under control. When Congress and the president work together, great things happen, and I think our founders knew this. It is when one party has too much control that I feel this system fails. In our current situation, each side is doing its best to take countermeasures against the other, and I don’t believe that is intended. We should not have to talk about our government regarding sides. Our third branch and perhaps the most important is the Judiciary. These individuals are picked by presidents and confirmed by the Senate and are tasked with upholding the constitution in its current state. The most important check built into this branch would be that the chief justice presides over impeachment hearings. So, when our legislative branch thinks the president is unfit for office, and the votes pass, the importance of this third branch really comes into play. With such a large republic, even larger now than they imagined, the constitution, and the three branches are there to ensure everyone gets a voice. It is intended to keep the majority in check and not allow them to run away with power. There will always be a majority of some kind, so the risk is always going to be there, but we are all given certain unalienable rights within the Constitution for protection.