Study guide America gavarment

Chapter Five:

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  • What is the key difference between representatives and constituents?
  • Name three territories that are unrepresented
  • o Descriptiverepresentation o Symbolicrepresentation o Substantiverepresentation

  • Identify and explain the significance of redistricting o Gerrymandering
  • Racking, Packing, and Stacking o Reapportionment

    o Majority-Minoritydistricts

  • Explain the influence and power of ‘senior’ congressional members
  • o WhipandHouseMinorityLeader

    o RankingmemberandChair

    o SpeakeroftheHouse

    o SenateMajorityLeaderandSenateMinorityLeader o Unifiedgovernment

    o Dividedgovernment

  • Why are congressional committees important?
  • o Subcommittees

    o Markupsessions o Dischargepetition

    Name three committees and three caucuses o Nonconferencecommittee

    o Casework



    Pork Barrel Spending

  • Clearly articulate the lawmaking process. (How does a bill become law?)
  • o Filibuster

    o ClotureVote

    o InterestGroups

    Chapter Seven:

    o Nametherequirementstobecomepresident

    o Whyarecaucusesimportanttoapresidentialcampaign?

    o Whatismodernpresidency?

    o ExplainthedifferencebetweenanExecutiveorderandanExecutiveagreement

    o Namethreepowersofthepresident

    o Howmanydepartmentsareinthepresident’scabinet?Beabletoprovideanexampleofthree o Whatistheimpeachmentprocess?

    o Provideanexampleofexecutiveprivilege

    Chapter Nine:

    o Whatarethefivetypesoflaw

    o Identifythreetypesofcourts

    o Whatisjudicialreview?

    o Whatisthedifferencebetweenoriginaljurisdictionandappellatejurisdiction o Explainthedifferencebetweenoriginalintentandlivingconstitution

    o Articulatetheprocessofnominatingofajudge(magistrate)

    o Judgeconfirmationprocess o Definesenatorialcourtesy

    Chapter Twelve:

  • Why are social movements important? o Supportiveenvironments
  • o Sharedgrievances

    o Catalyst

  • Explain catalytic leadership?
  • What are some advantages of engaging in social movements? Also identify what some
  • movements do not succeed

    o Jim Crow laws

    o Lynching

    o Whitecitizenscouncil o Women’ssuffrage

  • Identify at least 3 U.S Social Movements
  • Chapter Thirteen:

  • Define interest groups. Be able to highlight three examples o Logicofcollectiveaction
  • o Collectivegood o Freerider

    o Electioneering

  • Is there a difference between interest groups and lobbyists? Explain o Whatmakesinterestgroups‘effective’?
  • What is the importance of ‘iron triangle’?
  • Define and explain ‘civil rights’
  • Are media campaigns influential during elections?
  • Chapter Fifteen:

  • What is a caucus? Be able to provide an example
  • Why don’t citizens vote in elections? [Know at least three reasons]
  • o HelpAmericaVoteAct

    o NationalVoterRegistrationAct

    o Demographics

  • Does public opinion impact voting turnout?
  • o Votingeligiblepopulation

    o Votingagepopulation

  • Define a pledged delegate
  • Explain the difference between an open, closed, and direct primary
  • Why are primary runoffs held?
  • Explain the importance of party conventions
  • What is the difference between a general and midterm election?
  • Is there a difference between a ground war, air war, and a debate? o Oppositionresearch
  • Campaign Finance: o BCRA
  • o Publicfunding o Softmoney

    Push Out (Morris):

  • What is the significance of Danisha, in the story?
  • Race and gender play a critical role in the book – how is that aligned to the American
  • Government system?

  • Please articulate how “opportunities” are defined throughout the book
  • What is the definition of ‘transitions’?
  • What does PushOut mean? (Define the term without using it in the explanation)
  • What is the correlation of PushOut to the American Government system?
  • Define and articulate the term “labeling”
  • How can society move forward with building up young, black women?
  • What is an alternative solution to punishment, drug trade, human trafficking, prison pipeline,
  • etc.?

  • What did we learn from Diamond? How does her story align to the American Government
  • system?

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