Students should have short paragraph answers

Students should have short paragraph answers (an average of 3-5 sentences) to the questions. Students will be provided with a full class period to work on their answers. answers will be graded for both their correctness and their demonstration of solid reasoning.

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1. What are the major types of government Aristotle considers and what are their perversions?

2. How does Aristotle define justice? How is this definition relevant to the issue of social distinction?

3. What, according to Aristotle, are the characteristics that qualify a person for the role of a politician?

4. What does Aristotle mean when he says that “for men of pre-eminent virtue there is no law”?

5. Why is fame dangerous according to Cicero?

6. Identify the three recommendations Cicero makes for any type of endeavor.

7. What, according to Cicero, are the components of fame and how are they earned?

8. What are the two essential principles of human behavior that Rousseau identifies? Do you agree with him?

9. Why does Rousseau believe that there should be no connection between our natural gifts and our social standing?

10. In what sense, according to Rousseau, are we the makers of our own problems?

11. What, according to Rousseau, are the social and civilizational factors that undermine equality?

12. Why does Nietzsche believe that Socrates was a product of his time rather than a revolutionary?

13. Why, according to Nietzsche, is Socrates’ claim to fame suspect?

14. What is the importance of cultural myth according to Barthes?

15. Does Barthes consider cultural signs harmful or helpful? What is your opinion?

16. How, according to Adami, does natural selection become social?

17. Where does Adami stand on the nature/nurture debate? Explain.

18. What is eugenics and what is Adami’s justification of it?

19. What is Bourdieu’s understanding of social capital? How is it procured?

20. What, according to Bourdieu, are the conditions for good taste?

21. What, according to Bourdieu, is the connection between social distinction and class behavior?

22. What, according to Adorno, is the star’s role in the culture industry?

23. Why does Adorno think our freedom is diminished by the culture industry?

24. What is the importance of technology for the flourishing of the culture industry?