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hi, here is the description for the question:

Choose a student from your class and identify all of the data sources that you have available to you regarding this student’s situation ( students background) . List 6-8 scores this student has on all the available data sources (the data sources might include any standardized tests, short cycle assessments, benchmark testing, fluency probes, discipline referrals, attendance data, affective assessments, etc…), Also, 5-6 academic sources ( any thing that include grading students such as spelling test, accelerated reader, standardized test and so on). What does the data tell you about the student? What are the strengths and weaknesses? How will you use this data to inform your instruction for this student? This might include content, skills, behavior, grouping, or types of assessment. You do not need to submit any of the actual tests, just descriptions. the answer should be in 4 pages.

*** I included an example that answered the question above take a look at it to get a clear idea in how to answer the question>>>> note that the Document titled “Student: Alan” is the best description that answer the question. I need to work on “Suzie is a 9 year old female student in the third grade” please make sure to use Suzie’s data scores and the academic sources that available in her Document.