Strategy & Society: The Link Between Competitive Advantage and Corporate Social Responsibility, business and finance homework help

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1-Students are to post a recent news article/video from a
reputable news source related to the topic of international business focused on
the region of AFRICA along with the relevancy to the course and key learning
points from the article

2- What are 3 or 4 key learning points from this week’s
readings? Why were these important ideas or concepts and how do they relate to
international business in today’s environment?

3-In Chapter Nine’s third section, “I Can Only Get It
for You Retail,” Friedman offers a vivid portrait of the
“neighborhoods” comprising various parts of the globe today. How will
those neighborhoods look one hundred years from now? Will America still be a
gated community, and Asia “the other side of the tracks”?

4- As a global business, discuss your views on the role of
multi-national companies in serving the underdeveloped in countries in which
they may operate or do business with? How do businesses maintain their effort
to service the communities on a global scale and what examples do you see in
today’s international business world that demonstrate this?


Friedman, Chapter 9 & 10

Thomas & Inkson, Chapter 6

“Strategy & Society: The Link Between Competitive
Advantage and Corporate Social Responsibility” by Michael Porter and Mark

“Serving the World’s
Poor, Profitably” by CK Prahalad and Allen Hammond

“Path to Corporate
Responsibility” by Simon Zadek