Strategy — Fast Food is Dead?

Review the content that accompanies this assignment, including the video, the infographic and the press release. According to the infographic, four of the top five chains in America are struggling. Select one of these four chains and complete the following.

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  • Conduct internet research. Find at least one article that discusses the strategic choices that your selected chain has made in an effort to reverse the current downward trend in sales. Summarize the article. Provide a link to the article. (one page)
  • Has the strategic choice identified in the article been successful? In your opinion, why or why not? Is it likely to be successful in the near future or is another direction necessary to improve matters? (one page)
  • Is the company you selected likely to be successful in the future? Provide your thoughts, but be sure to support your opinion by referencing their current offerings, the current market environment and current consumer preferences.