Strategic Management: Concepts and Cases-Essay

Individual: Mission/Vision/Values & Strategic Management

Assignment Content

  1. Refer to the following Week 1 – Required Learning Activities:

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    • Strategic Management: Concepts and Cases, Ch. 1: What is Business Strategy?
    • Collins & Porras: Building Your Company’s Vision

    Purpose of Assignment
    The purpose of this assignment is to help students to begin the strategic planning process for the organization they choose to study, which begins with mission/vision. Here the student will identify and assess their organization’s mission, vision & values, working to assess how well these meet the criteria from our week 1 readings above. The student will then craft their own proposed improvements to their organization’s mission, vision & values, and/or craft and present their own mission, vision & values statements in their place. Note that if one or more of these statements are missing in this organization, the student should work to apply their learnings from the week 1 readings above to create their own proposed statement(s) for their organization.
    Assignment Steps
    Choose an organization that you would like to study and ultimately create your own strategic plan for. This should be either the organization that you work for currently, one that you most want to work for once you complete your MBA, or one where you have worked in the past (do contact me in a Private Message before choosing an organization other than one of those above so we can discuss ahead of time).
    Write an approximately 700-1000 word paper in which you address the following:
    • Identify and provide a brief description of this organization, including its primary products/services and key markets/customers.
    • Look for the organization’s mission, vision & values statements, and apply specific learnings from the text and the Collins/Porras reading to assess these statements and identify any improvements you would recommend to them. Note – if the organization does not present a mission, vision or values statement, apply your learnings from the readings to craft your own proposed statement(s).
    • Identify and evaluate the organization’s approach to the strategic management, and any improvements you would propose to make it more effective.
    Cite 3 scholarly references, including at least one peer-reviewed references from the UOPX Library.
    Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.