strategic management, business and finance assignment help

i am looking for a tutor to make some corrections to a paper the paper is almost completed.

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I need a swot analysis for a issue that a university is having. 3 strength, 3 weakness 3 opportunity and 3 threats. the swot analysis must be related to the university issue. the swot analysis must be summarize and try to match the components with each other to come up with a plan to solve the issue.

create a vision and a mission for the university (nothing too long). these must be related to issue that the university is having.

do a recommendation

also create a time line showing how long will take to solve he issue. the time frame will be 6 month

eg. 1st month———–2nd month———3rd month——-4th month—–5th month——–6th month—-

explain what will be done each month to solve the problem based on the strategy that you came up with fro the swot analysis. this can be on the same page as the recommendation.

I will attach the paper for you to interject the above.