Strategic leadership powerpoint

To: New Consulting Team Member

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From: CEO
Re: Presentation

Our consulting firm has just landed the account of a new client. This client is a medium sized manufacturer that sells technological products domestically. The client wants our firm to help it develop a strategy to enter and be competitive in the international market. The first place you will have to start with this project is to get this client’s management team to really understand the importance and meaning of the concept of Strategy. Therefore, you will need to explain to them:

1. The definition of Strategy;

2. Why Strategy is important; and

3. Recommend what type of Strategy would be best for this organization and why you choose this type of Strategy. Use only the material in the text from Chapter 6.

The client wants you to create a short presentation on this topic.

Create a PowerPoint of 5-7 slides not including title slide and reference slide. Include a visual presentation of your PowerPoint (2 to 5 related photo or graphical images in your presentation). Keep in mind that the material on your actual slides should include a few words that highlight the important points that you want to get across in the presentation. This is the section your audience views during your presentation. The Speaker Notes section for each slide allow you to put in all the information you would discuss that you, as the Speaker, will see when give your presentation. For this assignment, follow this format and be sure to include Speaker Notes with 80-200 words for each slide in the Speaker Notes section of the PowerPoint slides. These Speaker Notes should thoroughly describe the details of the slide. (P)