Statistics Homework – 6 Questions

1.  Evaluate completely the following statement:  “The issue is not whether there is variation, but whether the variation is significant”. Be specific with data types from the significance and t-tests, analysis of variances with perhaps AVOVA, and nominal data.  Your answer should include an understanding of statistical confidence and the null hypothesis.

2.  Can you draw a Spearman’s correlation between the variables specific age and job satisfaction?  Be specific about why or why not.

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3.  You desire to do a study of ax murderers in American prisons.  A preliminary study reveals that the mean IQ of a random sample of 156 ax murderers is 80, with a standard deviation of 24.  Perform a 95% confidence interval on the mean IQ of ax murderers, and provide the interval.  What exactly does this confidence interval tell me?  (Be scientific, not sociological.)

4.  You desire to do a survey of likely voters in Michigan to determine whether they would support a tax increase to subsidize the building of a new General Motors facility in the state.  a) Formulate 3 pertinent questions that would be useful to ask in this survey, along with possible answer choices for your respondents (don’t ask for demographics only…no questions on gender, age, etc.).  Why would you ask these questions?  b) To whom would you distribute your survey?  Why would this be an appropriate sample group? c)What kind of literature base would you use to underlie your statistical information? Cite three examples of relevant scholarly literature.  Be very specific about all of these answers.

5.  I wish to conduct an experiment to determine the effectiveness of a new reading program for third grade children in my local school district who need help with reading skills.  What parameters would I need to establish on the test (# of samples, who would conduct the test, test conditions, etc.)?  Be as specific as you can (you don’t need to be educational experts to answer this).  What would be an appropriate statistical test for this data and research question?  Why would this be more appropriate than some other statistical test? 

6.  You are designing a user interface for an information system and you have created two prototypes of the interface. You have two ways to evaluate the interface: a) User Preference, or b) Productivity. You’ve done a survey of the end users with these two prototypes and discovered that the users don’t prefer one over the other. As a result, the decision about which prototype to use will depend on productivity. The time it takes users to perform a task is a good measure of productivity. You invited 30 users, and each user performed the same task using both prototypes. You collected data on the time it took for each participant to finish the task using each prototype.  Perform an ANOVA, and report the results in a concise memo to your team leader. Write down your interpretation of the results and the conclusion you’ve reached in the memo.